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We’reOnFire Remix

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We’reOnFire Remix

Start By Believing

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Start By Believing

We Will Rise

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We Will Rise

Start By Believing

I wrote this song to support victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault….to let them know we believe them, we will help them protect them, and we will encourage them to speak their truth. The women in this music video encourage other women to tell their story and the men give inspiration to stand up for the women who do. My amazing team of singers and musicians gave this song its power, Nina Lane, Cecily Bumbray, Leah Andersen, Jamie Boyd, Eric Scott, and James Britton. Special thanks to my awesome music producer, Dave Mallen, and my fantastic film company, Filmsters, Patti White and Lee Anderson. Please share this video and stand up for the people who are brave enough to speak “truth to power!”

November 14, 2018|

We Will Rise

Lynne wrote We Will Rise shortly after the 2016 Presidential election in an effort to get over the shocking results and give us all hope that together, we can stand up and fight to hold on to everything we have fought so hard for.  This song honors the rise of all the good people in this country who became the “Resistance” to all the hatred, sexism, racism, anti-LGTBQ, and anti-immigrant policies touted by the new administration.  Lynne wrote this song to inspire activists everywhere to do whatever they can to resist this divisiveness.  Lynne worked with Filmsters, led by the talented Patti White and Lee Anderson to incorporate video of The Women’s March and many other marches and protests across the country. Our singer, Nicki Gonzalez, now living in LA, gave it such power. So please share it with anyone who would appreciate some inspiration to do something to take back our sanity.

November 26, 2017|

Listen to Me (Obama Song)

Lynne wrote and produced the music video “Listen To Me” for the Obama Presidential campaign.  It features 16 DC area vocalists in a rousing political song that supported President Obama for re-election in 2012.  Featured on YouTube, it got broad exposure on the internet.  Covering issues that were critical for women, immigrants and seniors, this dynamic production made a strong case for Obama as the only candidate who is really “listening to you” as voters.

November 25, 2017|

When You Fall

Lynne’s first CD is a collection of original jazz vocals sung by Danielle Westphal and an original blues song performed by Michael Sheppard. The title song, “When You Fall” won the Silver Award in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. Other tracks like “Man at the Door” and “Sunny to Blue” have been favorites on Washington’s premier jazz station, WFPW, 89.3 FM, played often by DJ Donnie McKethan. All music from the When You Fall CD has been featured in two sold-out show at Blues Alley, called “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

Here’s what Donnie McKethan says about the music on “When You Fall”:
“Lynne Revo-Cohen’s songs tell stories and paint vivid images that are exquisitely interpreted by Danielle Westphal and Michael Sheppard.”

March 17, 2013|

I Can Touch The Sun

The “I Can Touch the Sun” music video was written and produced by Lynne of I Will Productions in collaboration with Danielle Westphal of Trippplets LLC. “I Can Touch the Sun” is the theme song for UN Women. It was premiered at the United Nations in New York and the Swedish Embassy in Washington, DC. It is a spirited and inspirational music video that speaks to the power of the women of the world to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their families. The music and lyrics reflect many cultures, languages, and musical styles from around the world. This song can be purchased at the United Nations Book Store and has been sold to women in 17 countries throughout the world

March 15, 2013|

Hey Hey Hill

“Hey Hey Hill/OYE Hillary” was written and produced by Lynne and collaborator, Annette Rodrigues, President of Latinas for Hillary.This Latin/rock song was embraced by the Hillary Clinton campaign and used to inspire the electorate and to turn out the vote in California and Texas and other key primaries in the 2008 primary campaign. It is featured as a video on YouTube and has gotten significant airplay on Univision Spanish speaking radio stations. This song was positively reviewed by Paul Bedard of the Washington Whispers blog of the US News and World Report.

What Paul Bedard says about “Oye Hillary”: “What Revo-Cohen delivered is a huge crowd pleaser that has been used at Clinton events and fundraisers.”

Lynne is just hoping that this song can be brushed up for the 2016 Presidential campaign….what do ya say Hillary????

March 13, 2013|

Showcases: The Kennedy Center, Strathmore, Smithsonian, Blues Alley

Lynne leads and directs Songwriter Showcases for the Songwriters Association of Washington (SAW), in collaboration with SAW Board member Caron Dale and SAW President Jean Bayou. SAW has featured dozens of its top talent at high profile venues such as the Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian, Blues Alley, and The Strathmore. Songwriters and musicians in every genre get the opportunity to perform for large, appreciative audiences on DC’s most prestigious stages.

The Kennedy Center

Lynne was Director of the “Best of SAW” Songwriter Showcase at the Millennium Stage of the Kennedy Center. Four amazing artists – Margot MacDonald, Christylez Bacon, Dulcie Taylor, and Sol Roots- presented their original music representing the Songwriters Association of Washington.


Lynne directed the first “Best of SAW” Songwriters Showcase at the Mansion at Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland. This unique event featured four terrific artists – Kenny Wesley, Patty Reese, Matt Hutchison, and Christal Prout – who presented their original music “In The Round”, a warm and congenial atmosphere where they all shared the stage. They took turns presenting their own music but then closed the show with a heartrending and uplifting rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

Blues Alley

Lynne directed “On The Rise” – the first SAW Soul/R&B Showcase at the storied Blues Alley club in Georgetown, Washington DC. This unique show was hosted by rising star, Darien who performed If These Walls Could Talk from his hit CD.. SAW presented many of the best emerging and established Soul and R&B artists from the DC Metro Area — Dionne, Deborah Bond, Eric Scott, Levi Stephens, Lea, TalumiDE, Dumi Right, Sol Roots, along with student performers Jamie Kathleen Boyd, Devin Kowl, and Kriss Mincey.

The Smithsonian

Lynne was Director of the first SAW Songwriter Showcase at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Lamont Dozier, legendary songwriter for the biggest Motown stars like The Supremes, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and Smokey Robinson was our special guest artist. Keith Kilgo, veteran drummer for the hit group, The Blackbyrds, (“Walkin’ In Rhythm”) was our MC. Twelve amazing artists presented their original music representing the Songwriters Association of Washington. Susan Greenbaum and Jamie Kathleen Boyd were awarded top People’s Choice artists of the evening by the audience.

March 10, 2013|

He’s Coming Undone

This is a haunting and evocative song about a heroic veteran of the war in Iraq. It was written and produced by Lynne and sung powerfully by Todd Guggins, a DC area artist. It tells the story of Jeans Cruz, the Army Specialist who actually pulled Sadaam Hussein out of his hiding hole in Iraq. Jeans came home to a hero’s welcome with parades and ceremonial honors, but soon descended into an emotional “hell” with a serious case of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. This song tells the struggle of Jeans and thousands of brave men and women like him who have paid a huge sacrifice to fight this terrible war. “He’s Coming Undone” will soon be the cornerstone of a provocative film about Jeans Cruz and his struggle to cope with his emotional illness.

Listen to the song in “The Jeans Cruz Story” here (password: 107Annapolis)

March 9, 2013|

Shows at Blues Alley

Blues Alley Jazz Show – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Lynne presented two shows at the legendary Blues Alley in Washington DC.  “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was a sold out show that featured Lynne’s original jazz vocals in a musical review that told the story of love, trust, betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption.  Sung by Danielle Westphal and Michael Shepphard, accompanied by renown musicians, Dan Reynolds, Keith Kilgo, Allan Walker, and Gary Grainger, this show stole everyone’s hearts. For pictures and more information click here.
March 8, 2013|

This Moment Now

“This Moment Now” was written and produced by Lynne for her daughter’s wedding at the beautiful Ringling Mansion in Sarasota, Florida. The song was played at the wedding ceremony. It is a very sentimental love song about the emotions felt by a bride and groom in the moment when they take their wedding vows. It will soon be available on CDBaby.com.
The song was sung by Tiffany Thompson; arrangement, piano and guitar by Tom Saputo.
March 4, 2013|

A Mother’s Love

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Originally written as a gift for Lynne’s mother’s 85th birthday, this song and DVD is an emotional tribute to mothers everywhere that honors them for the things they give us – the things that matter — like hope, trust, strength, and love. “A Mother’s Love” was performed live at Ft. Meyer, VA at a Mother’s Day celebration for soldiers and their families. It was also featured as the keynote performance at a conference in Fairfax, VA called “Honoring Our Mothers, Honoring Ourselves”.  A Mother’s Love is available in both English and Spanish.
March 2, 2013|

“ZANNA” Animated Cartoon

Working with the Art Institute of Washington animation team, Lynne developed a short cartoon animation feature that tells the adventure of Anna Banana, who runs away on a train and her superhero brother Zachary, who sets out with his dog, Miles, to rescue her. It is filled with multi-cultural references and challenges as Anna’s imagination takes her to amazing places all over the world.  This musical animation is based on a collection of the music that Lynne wrote for her grandchildren, Zachary and Anna, leading with the songs “Anna Banana” and Zachary Dachary Doo”. Lynne is aiming for full production and placement on children’s popular websites and TV shows.

video password: zanna

March 1, 2013|
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