Hey Hey Hill

“Hey Hey Hill/OYE Hillary” was written and produced by Lynne and collaborator, Annette Rodrigues, President of Latinas for Hillary.This Latin/rock song was embraced by the Hillary Clinton campaign and used to inspire the electorate and to turn out the vote in California and Texas and other key primaries in the 2008 primary campaign. It is featured as a video on YouTube and has gotten significant airplay on Univision Spanish speaking radio stations. This song was positively reviewed by Paul Bedard of the Washington Whispers blog of the US News and World Report.

What Paul Bedard says about “Oye Hillary”: “What Revo-Cohen delivered is a huge crowd pleaser that has been used at Clinton events and fundraisers.”

Lynne is just hoping that this song can be brushed up for the 2016 Presidential campaign….what do ya say Hillary????

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