We Will Rise

Lynne wrote We Will Rise shortly after the 2016 Presidential election in an effort to get over the shocking results and give us all hope that together, we can stand up and fight to hold on to everything we have fought so hard for.  This song honors the rise of all the good people in this country who became the “Resistance” to all the hatred, sexism, racism, anti-LGTBQ, and anti-immigrant policies touted by the new administration.  Lynne wrote this song to inspire activists everywhere to do whatever they can to resist this divisiveness.  Lynne worked with Filmsters, led by the talented Patti White and Lee Anderson to incorporate video of The Women’s March and many other marches and protests across the country. Our singer, Nicki Gonzalez, now living in LA, gave it such power. So please share it with anyone who would appreciate some inspiration to do something to take back our sanity.

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