About Lynne Revo-Cohen

I Will Productions is a multi-service music and video production company based in the Washington DC area. Founded in 2003 by songwriter Lynne Revo-Cohen, the company makes its reputation on the production of original music in five genres – jazz vocals, ballads, inspirational, political, and children’s music. Lynne taps into the amazing talent in the DC area working with top vocalists like Danielle Westphal, Eric Scott, Michael Sheppard, Meritxell Negre, Tiffany Thompson, Nina Lane, Todd Googins, and Liz Briones. She works regularly with incredible musicians like Dan Reynolds and Brian Simms on piano, Gary Grainger on bass, Sol on guitar, Allan Walker on sax, and Keith Kilgo on drums.

Several very talented and creative arranger/producers, such as Derek Wille, Marco Delmar, and Jeff Gerber pull it all together for each of Lynne’s original compositions. For film and video projects, Lynne collaborates with Filmsters of L.A and Annapolis, Md, Mountain Mist Media, Blue House Productions of Silver Spring, MD, and Trippplets LLC in Virginia. For cartoon animation projects, Lynne collaborates with Scott Brown at the Art Institute of Washington in Rosslyn, VA.

Lynne has written and produced original songs that have received national exposure. She and her colleague Danielle Westphal wrote and produced “I Can Touch The Sun”, the theme song and music video for UN Women that was debuted at the United Nations in New York and the Swedish Embassy in DC. She and her colleague, Annette Rodrigues, wrote and produced “Hey Hey Hill/Oye Hillary”, a theme song for the Presidential campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton, used to organize and turn out the Latino vote in major primaries. Lynne wrote and produced (with Annette Rodrigues) “Listen To Me”, a Presidential campaign song and music video for Barack Obama that achieved widespread distribution and over 36,000 hits on YouTube.

Lynne wrote the theme song “He’s Coming Undone” for the inspirational short film (co-produced by Filmsters) that explores the struggle with PTSD by Jeans Cruz, the young Army soldier who was key to the capture of Saddam Hussein.  Lynne’s jazz vocals have been featured on radio and presented in a show called “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” at the storied Blues Alley jazz club in Washington DC. Lynne has written and produced 2 music videos, “When We Rise” and “We’re On Fire” to turn out the progressive vote in 2018 and 2020.

Lynne is active in the DC area music community. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Songwriters Association of Washington (SAW). Lynne produces SAW’s Songwriters Showcases at high profile venues such as the Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian, Blues Alley, and The Strathmore. She also serves as SAW’s Outreach Director for establishing working relationships with other music organizations. Lynne has produced a variety of workshops and seminars on the “Business of Music” for SAW and is an active member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Artists, and Producers).

Lynne has had a life-long love of music.  She named her company “I Will Productions” after writing her first song “I Will” when her grandson Zachary was born. Lynne’s music brings a smile to the faces of Zachary and his sister Anna, and her three grandsons in NYC, Max, Leo, and Remy.  Lynne’s commitment for I Will Productions is to bring that same good feeling to the people she writes for and about in her music. Lynne’s song “When You Fall” was the silver winner for the Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Contest. One of her proudest moments was listening to “This Moment Now”, the love song she wrote for her daughter’s wedding ceremony.

Lynne’s goal is to write and produce music ’til the lights go out!